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Healing Classes & Sessions
Healing Classes & Sessions

It is a holistic approach to assist every one of us in their return journey to good health.

Inner Studies & Energy Transformation For Meaningful Living
Inner Studies & Energy Transformation For Meaningful Living

GN REIKI MEDITATION CENTER (GNRMC) is a “Spiritual Center” in Pokhara, a beautiful natural city on the lap of Himalayas in Nepal; sharing the practices for yoga, meditation, healing and spirituality.

Transformational Yoga
Transformational Yoga

Integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, and mental and spiritual clarity founded and created by Swami Vidyanand, a renowned yoga master.


induces harmony and peace, helping and supporting the endeavour to evolve constantly towards a positive manifestation of higher forces in practical life.

GN Reiki meditatin center
GN Reiki meditatin center
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Welcome for experiencing a wide range of profound practices and courses based on the ancient teachings as well as deep spiritual researches; assists not only for spiritual cultivation and real awakening but also equally beneficial for structuring other mandatory components of life like, physical-mental-emotional well being, personality, will power, self-confidence, self-esteem, life-style, etc. required for living proper, successful and meaningful life.

In other words, step by step achieving the state of complete transformation from transient self to eternal self with the realization of all higher and lower knowledge (Para & Apara Vidhya); manifesting the divine through our activities, expressions, thoughts, plannings and presence itself – Full of DIVINE LIGHT-LOVE-POWER.


Morning (8:30 – 10:00)

Afternoon (3:00 – 4:00)

“We are just the medium, continuously working to be better – so that we can be of greater service for all. Everything is the creation of the divine! which is operating behind all and we are just trying to serve and do the best so that the purpose of DIVINE LIGHT-LOVE-POWER can operate with ease and restore its plan on earth.”

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Practicing meditation induces harmony and peace, helping and supporting the endeavour to evolve constantly towards a positive manifestation of higher forces in practical life.

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Rejuvenation of Body, Mind and Soul with the ancient, rare, powerful and unique arts of Healing.
Rejuvenation of Body, Mind and Soul with the ancient, rare, powerful and unique arts of Healing.

Lama Fera is an extremely efficient healing technique to remove the pressure of negative thoughts and increase the Pranic Energy, which helps in re-construction of damage cells and starts Auto Healing System of the body.

  • Direct healing and effect on the root cause of diseases.
  • It eliminates pain, fears, nervousness and the discomfort caused due to chronic disease
  • Balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy
  • Freedom from unknown fear, pessimism, anxiety, phobias
  • Freedom from stress, mental tensions and depression
  • Helps overcome the suffering caused by emotional traumas
  • Best for improving memory and concentration
  • Helps reconnect to the Higher Being and higher energy frequencies
  • Freedom from Tantra-Mantra effects (Black magic), Ghosts, evil spirits and Evileye Problems
  • Brings a good night sleep, without any nightmares
  • Best for enhancing the will power
  • Makes active, alert, self-confidence, inner peace
  • Promotes chemical processing of body, muscles, bones, digestive disorders and give strength and radiant energy
  • Best for Mercy Death for last stages Patients or Old Aged Person.
  • Lama-Fera is capable to remove Evil-eye Effects and Vaastu Rectification (Removal of Negative Energy from Houses, Offices, Factories.)
  • It can remove Past- Life Issues And Many More……….

  • Time: 30 minutes / Pricing: US$ 20

lama fera gn reiki pokhara long
lama fera gn reiki pokhara long

reiki gn reiki pokhara long

The Reconnection of Mind, Body and Spirit is the Essence of Reiki Energy. It helps Balance The whole Being so Healing can take place..” SILENCE THE MIND & YOU WILL HEAL THE SOUL! Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes balance within our whole system – body, mind and soul. This means that although we may come to the Reiki table looking for relief from some physical ailment or emotional issue, we may find that we start to reap the benefits on many levels and in unexpected ways. Reiki does not discriminate; it just flows through us and helps our bodies to heal themselves in whatever way is best for us at that point in time.

  • Time: 1 hour / Pricing: US$ 30

21 Coral Asten Healing is a powerful energy healing system developed through Paranamic occult ritual i.e., a part of Occult Science introduced by Dr. S. K. Saini (Sadguru Satyanand Ji).
In this technique of healing five fingers of hand are used to transfer energy. Healer first connects with the infinite source of energy and the energy is passed into the patient with the help of mantras. The energy is transferred according to the condition of the problems through different fingers of hand in different points of the body in a sequential manner. In this process fingers of the healer plays the important role as different fingers are used to channel energy according to the problem. The healing process goes through the fifth level of the energy body hence the healing undergoes in a very deep level and anybody can experience deep level changes and re-generation within after the healing session.
21 Coral Asten can be used for healing self as well as others. This technique is capable dealing with almost every ailments related to physical, mental and emotional conditions of the body.
21 Coral Asten Healing sessions offer a delicate, light touch, effective in supporting health and the regulation and restoration of the body-mind. They have a deep effect on the person as a whole, and help to deal with specific complaints as well as increase overall well-being.

  • Time: 1 hour / Pricing: US$ 30

This is very powerful healing technique which to cure diseases such as kidney failure, cancer, tumor, spondylitis, slip disc, sciatica which requires lot of labour is important. This is expensive but very accurate healing technique. This is used by some selected disciples of Pujya Gurudev Shree Trikutananda Ji Maharaj under his guidance.

  • Time: 1 hour / Pricing: US$ 30

Reiki Micro World is a beautiful non touch energy healing technique, (i.e. touching the client is not required during the healing session). This technique is generally used for removing any type of severe or mild pain in body within the healing session of just three and half minutes.
In this process ring finger of the right hand is used by the healer with the help of a sacred image and sacred mantras for empowering energy to the required part or organs of the body. Anybody can feel the direct empowerment of infinity energy and experience the deep level healing within a very short period of time. Also, it is equally effective in distant healing sessions too.
This is also a beautiful design of healing system gifted via SADGURU SATYANANDA (DR. S.K. SAINI) for mankind and humanity. Reiki Micro World Healing technique use our natural body brain intelligence, to reveal the causes of disease, thus helping to heal emotional, psychological and physical problems and balancing the body energy through muscle testing and message.

  • Time: 30 minutes / Pricing: US$ 20

Powerful and effective technique for healing and activating the energy body and the major energy centers called as chakras.

  • Time: 1 hour / Pricing: US$ 30

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes prana, chi or life force to improve the health of the body. It is a no-touch, no-drug energy based therapy developed through extensive research and validation.

Pranic Healing is designed based on the overall structure of the human body, which is composed of two parts: the visible physical body and the invisible energy body often called the bioplasmic body or aura. Researches done by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui validated that each disease in the body, creates an energetic pattern, which needs to be corrected in order to improve the overall health of the individuals.

Pranic Healing techniques cleanse, energize and re-balance the energy field to restore harmony and balance physically, emotionally and mentally. These techniques can also be used to correct imbalances in vortices of energy that control all human activities such as relationships, finance, work and home environments to allow them to function at their optimum level.

Hunkara with Haleem is used to enhance the mental capacity of people from 5-60 years. The symbols used in this system make life peaceful.
Is the world’s most required course for School Going Children, IT, BPO Sector, Judicial, Researchers, IAS, IPS, Officials, Marketing and Management personnel to enhance the working efficiency.
It is an excellent technique to improve the Concentration, Sharpen Memory, Skills – essential – for achieving targets. It is an easy method to get promotions by providing work. Students can improve memory inhibition and communication skill to ensure success in examination and selection in interviews.


  1. Development of mental capacity and concentration power.
  2. Increases memory
  3. Foresightedness, increase decision making capacity to safeguard future.
  4. Reduces daily problems of body.
  5. Enhances mental capacity, husband wife relationship, share market, profit in commodity market.

  • Time: 1 hour / Pricing: US$ 55

(A perfect technique to remove the negative planet effect)
This is newly introduced astrological technique developed by Maharishi Shalvik who had created symbols with the vibrations of 4,50,000 mantras. In this system 300 symbols are used in three sets. This system can provide solution to all the problems of every person who has taken birth on this earth. On the basis of Time Calculation Report Chart Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is used to treat the person. This system is newly developed by Sadguru Shri Satyanandji (Shri S.K. Sainiji) on the basis of thumb impression of more than 2,50,000 people for last eight years. This is the accurate system in the world which is based on the present mental state of the person. And we can remove the evil planetary effect in our life and influence positive effect. This technique is very powerful and accurate to remove all life concern problems. All the past karma can be removed and life becomes much better.

This technique can be used both in personal sessions as well as distant healing sessions for:

  • only predictions (basically present state of mind, their problems as well as solution for them)
  • to remove past karma effects, evil planetary effect.
  • treatment of all ailments related to physical, mental and spiritual state.

For healing and remove the problems whatever we are suffering in our daily life, it takes almost 1:15 hrs. This healing technique in very powerful and useful more than Astrology because we can find the root cause of the problem and can be solved to using the mantra “Tanno Hari prachodayata” after the Mahamrityunjaya mantra.

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