Repetition Of Mantra While Meditating

The second part of meditation, which is an aspect of internal dharana (concentration), consists of japa or repetition of a Mantra, and can be combined with dhyana (contemplation). A Mantra is a sound-form representing a basic spiritual ideal, such as the immanence of the infinite spirit (Om), or transcendental truth, knowledge, infinity (satyam, jnanam ,anantam), […]

How To Meditate?

After a few minutes of relaxation as described in how to cultivate a predisposition, gradually absorb the mind in the breath, that is, be aware of the coolness of the inflowing prana deep inside the head, in the nerve cells, and the warmth of the outgoing prana (exhalation) inside the lower nostrils, while breathing spontaneously. […]

What Is Required To Meditate ?

The injunction “let your whole life be an act of meditation,” is meaningless, first because it is impossible and, secondly because the value is diluted. Meditation, in order to be effective, should inspire a philosophy to guide one’s life. Practical idealism is the first requirement in meditation, so as not to make it a hypocritical […]