Meditation Courses

The meditations designed for the beginners.

‘Health is Wealth’. Healthy body is the basis of happy life. To cure chronic diseases or to achieve mental peace, to complete spiritual journey or to awaken kundalani shakti, to change bad habits or to develop decision making capacity to lead life successfully ‘Mudra Vigyan’ is the best course.
Note: It is essential to receive attunement so that energy may get awaken in right direction. If energy will go in wrong direction it may adversely affect the mental state of mind.
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Infinity consciousness healing is the process of connecting 108 nodule points (micro energy chakras) in our body in one sequence. This is a specific system of attracting cosmic energy in the body of the patient through 36 mudras of 12 levels and universal sound. Each level can be learnt in two days workshop i.e, to learn 12 levels 24 days are required in one year. In this process a person can learn different techniques of meditation and healing.
Previously this technique was named as spiritual journey. But in spiritual journey only the master can heal the patient. It was difficult to teach the process. In the process the master keeps the head of the patient on his feet, chant the mantra, use the grazing and dragon toran process and through his third eye send the messages according to the requirement. A common man can use this process so this technique is simplified and developed as Infinity Cautiousness by Shri S.K. Sainiji.
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