Meditation Courses

Practicing meditation induces harmony and peace, helping and supporting the endeavour to evolve constantly towards a positive manifestation of higher forces in practical life.

It is a course suitable for those who are looking to start the meditation practices, it gives a beautiful, firm and clear base on meditation practices. Three basic meditation techniques are taught which should be practiced by self on their own after the course.
  • It is a three-day course with 60 minutes to 90 minutes of working hours each day but can be done in one/two days as well.

TIME meditation means Transformational Integral Meditation Education. It combines physical meditation, prana meditation, mind meditation and psychic meditation as well as other techniques aimed at transforming oneself and connecting one with the higher Self. TIME Meditation leads to a permanent shift in consciousness that is moving and transcending continuously towards the larger truths of life.

  • This course is a 10 days intensive residential meditation course, it is designed for those who want to explore Meditation more deeply as a practice for themselves. While the course focuses on meditation, students will be encouraged towards gaining in depth knowledge of yoga and the practice of yoga asanas will be used as a necessary tool to prepare the body, energy, and mind for true meditation. In the end of the course you will receive a 100 level Meditation Certification from Meditation Alliance International. This course is available to all, even beginners, irrespective of experience or practice.

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‘Health is Wealth’. Healthy body is the basis of happy life. To cure chronic diseases or to achieve mental peace, to complete spiritual journey or to awaken kundalani shakti, to change bad habits or to develop decision making capacity to lead life successfully ‘Mudra Vigyan’ is the best course.
Note: It is essential to receive diksha (attunement) so that energy may get awaken in right direction. If energy will go in wrong direction it may adversely affect the mental state of mind.

  • It is a three-day course with 60 minutes to 90 minutes of working hours each day but can be done in two days as well.

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Infinity consciousness healing is the process of connecting 108 nodule points (micro energy chakras) in our body in one sequence. This is a specific system of attracting cosmic energy in the body of the patient through 36 mudras of 12 levels and universal sound. Each level can be learnt in two days workshop i.e, to learn 12 levels 24 days are required in one year. In this process a person can learn different techniques of meditation and healing.

  • It is a two-day course with 60 minutes to 90 minutes of working hours each day.

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