Self Transformation Course

Elements that will be covered in this self transformation course

Structure of the outer self and structure of the eternal self
Relation with the 7 chakras and yogic bodies
How to experience the outer self and eternal self
Outer self purification: Physical body purification, Prana body purification, Mental body purification, Psychic body purification
Discovery and implementation of yogic tools: Meditation methods, traditional Hatha Yoga, Transformational Yoga, Pranayama with 5 dimensions (apana, samana, vyana, maha prana, udyana)

Course structure

This is also available as a 10 day self transformation course. 40 contact hours, 60 hours non-contact, with options to complete as follows:

10 day intensive courses
2 x 5 day week courses
3 x 3 day weekend courses

Certification and further training

Upon completion of this self transformation course you will receive a certificate.

If you would like to carry on to teacher level, the 100 hours from this course can be counted against your 200 level Transformational Yoga teacher training.

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