Gorakh Nath Integral Transformation Center


Welcome for experiencing a wide range of profound practices and courses based on the ancient teachings as well as deep spiritual researches; assists not only for spiritual cultivation and real awakening but also equally beneficial for structuring other mandatory components of life like, physical-mental-emotional well being, personality, will power, self-confidence, self-esteem, life-style, relationships, etc. required for living proper, successful and meaningful life.

In other words, step by step achieving the state of complete transformation from transient self to eternal self with the realization of all higher and lower knowledge (Para & Apara Vidhya); manifesting the divine through our activities, expressions, thoughts, plannings and presence itself.


Kendra Prakash Thapa (Guru Shree Antaryogi Chaitanya) is an established and experienced Spiritual Grand Master channelizing his energy and knowledge towards exploring and sharing the ancient science of spirituality and bring into practicality which can help one towards living a balanced and meaningful life full of love, joy, happiness and clear proper growth descending the divine consciousness in the very manifested level of the creation.


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Morning (8:30 – 10:00)

Afternoon (15:00 – 16:00)


Towards Simplicity With Awareness

Transformational Yoga gives you the tools you need in order to make a difference in your everyday life. In depth focus of asanas, the chakras, mantras, and breathing and meditation techniques gives you the knowledge you need to purify your body, stabilise your emotions, focus your mind, and increase your spiritual well-being.


The secret art of inviting happiness

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes balance within our whole system – body, mind and soul. Reiki just flows through us and helps our bodies to heal themselves in whatever way is best for us at that point in time.

You can have reiki session as well as reiki course


Awareness of the moment

Practicing meditation connects to the true self within which automatically induces harmony and peace, helping and supporting the Endeavour to evolve constantly towards a positive manifestation of higher forces in practical life.


Back to the natural state of health, wholeness, healing, and balance.

The human being is an open system of energy that lives in an energy environment which is constantly shifting and moving. A healthy body thrives in this environment with a clean continuous flow of balanced energy.

You can have healing sessions as well as healing courses



  • Transformational Yoga

    Transformational Yoga

    Transformational Yoga is an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, and mental and spiritual clarity founded and created by Swami Vidyanand, a renowned yoga master. Read More…

  • Hatha Yoga

    Hatha Yoga

    Hatha yoga is a preparatory process of yoga. The word “ha” means sun, “ta” means moon. “Hatha” means the yoga to bring balance between the sun and the moon in you, or the Pingala and Ida in you. Read More…

  • Kundalini Signs and Symptoms

    Kundalini Signs and Symptoms

    Kundalini energy exists one inch below of Muladhar Chakra at a place called Kanda. Its shape is triangular. There are three views as regards to location of Kundalini. Read More…

  • Three Energetic Pathways

    Three Energetic Pathways

    Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis are psychic channels for the distribution of prana in the astral body. In human physiology, the two nadis of Ida and Pingala correspond with the two… Read More…