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Kundalini Signs and Symptoms

Kundalini energy exists one inch below of Muladhar Chakra at a place called Kanda. Its shape is triangular. There are three views as regards to location of Kundalini. One is general view described above. Second view is that it is in the navel . And the third view is that it is located in the Anahat Chakra  Shakti Viseshank Kalyan.

The following are common manifestations of the rising of Kundalini. Muscles Twitches, cramps or spasm, energy rushes, itching, vibrating, prickling, tingling, crawling sensations, intense heat or cold, involuntary body movements, jerking, tremors, shaking, alterations in eating and sleeping patterns, intensified or diminished sexual desires, headache, racing heart beat, pain in the chest, digestive system problems, numbness or pain in limbs, emotional outburst, depression, hearing inner sounds, ecstasy and direct awareness of auras and chakras.

Sensory symptoms may include subjective changes in feeling of heat or cold, a feeling of electricity in the body, persistent sexual arousal, headache, pressure inside head, tingling vibration and gastrointestinal problems and intense mood swings.

Kundalini Signs and Symptoms

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