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Three Energetic Pathways

Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadis are psychic channels for the distribution of prana in the astral body. In human physiology, the two nadis of Ida and Pingala correspond with the two halves of the autonomic nervous system- the sympathetic and para sympathetic. Ida is negative and called the moon (Chandra nadi), while pingala is positive and called the sun (Surya nadi).

The whole science of Kundalini Yoga concerns the awakening of Sushumna, for once Sushumna comes to life, a means of communication between the higher and lower dimensions of Consciousness is established and the awakening of Kundalini occurs. Kundalini is also described as “ENERGY” on the physical plane and NOTHINGNESS on the cosmic plane. On one extreme it is supposed to provide you with supernatural physical powers to fulfill your physical desires and on the other it could provide you with supernatural cosmic powers to eliminate all physical desires. Both extremes lead to complete fulfillment. The former route is fulfillment through dissipation of energy while the latter is through conservation of energy. In case of loss of self control in the former process it may prove dangerous. Appropriate balance is very necessary. All emotional disturbances are basically a disturbance in energy which is no longer at the command of the consciousness.

The entire process of Kundalini Sadhana consists in four stages.

  1. Awakening of Kundalini Shakti.
  2. Arousal of Kundalini Shakti.
  3. Chakra Bhedan.
  4. Meeting and merger of Shiva and Shakti in Sahasrar.

Kundalini generally gets activated in three ways. Firstly it may get activated automatically. Secondly it may get aroused in one who is making sincere efforts with the grace of God or Guru. Thirdly kundalini may get activated in a person after the THIRD eye is opened. Kundalini ascends via the six chakras and passes through the brahma-randhra to the plane of the high consciousness.

The awakening of inner Kundalini is the true beginning of the spiritual journey. The scriptures say that as long as the inner Kundalini is sleeping, it doesn’t matter how many austerities we follow, how much Yoga we practise, or how many mantras we repeat, we will never realize our identity with our inner Self. We will never know our own divinity.

Three Energetic Pathways

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