Inner Studies & Energy Transformation for Meaningful Living

About Us


GN REIKI MEDITATION CENTER (GNRMC) is a “Spiritual Center” in Pokhara, a beautiful natural city on the lap of Himalayas in Nepal; sharing the practices for yoga, meditation, healing and spirituality. With the blessings and guidance of Great Spiritual Masters, GNRMC is dedicated for serving the humanity by nourishing, nurturing and guiding the individuals/“Souls” to the true state of existence through the actual path of life (The Path of TRUTH).

This center was initially started by a group of dedicated spiritual practitioners during the early 2005. Lot of individuals were benefited with miraculous results in terms of severe and chronic health problems while lot of seekers also got the platform which gave them the easy and genuine step towards the healthy and righteous way of living as well as achieving THE DIVINITY – WITHIN.

Currently this center is offering a wide range of profound practices and courses based on the ancient teachings as well as deep spiritual researches; assists not only for spiritual cultivation and real awakening but also equally beneficial for structuring other mandatory components of life like, physical-mental-emotional well being, personality, will power, self-confidence, self-esteem, life-style, etc. required for living proper, successful and meaningful life. In other words, step by step achieving the state of complete transformation from transient self to eternal self with the realization of all higher and lower knowledge (Para & Apara Vidhya); manifesting the divine through our activities, expressions, thoughts, plannings and presence itself – Full of DIVINE LIGHT-LOVE-POWER.


“Everything is the creation of the divine! which is operating behind all and we are just trying to serve and do the best so that the purpose of DIVINE LIGHT-LOVE-POWER can operate with ease and restore its plan on earth.”