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21 Coral Asten Course

21 coral asten is a powerful energy healing system developed through Paranamic occult ritual i.e., a part of Occult Science introduced by Dr. S. K. Saini (Sadguru Satyanand Ji).

In this technique of healing five fingers of hand are used to transfer energy. Healer first connects with the infinite source of energy and the energy is passed into the patient with the help of mantras. The energy is transferred according to the condition of the problems through different fingers of hand in different points of the body in a sequential manner. In this process fingers of the healer plays the important role as different fingers are used to channel energy according to the problem. The healing process goes through the fifth level of the energy body hence the healing undergoes in a very deep level and anybody can experience deep level changes and re-generation within after the healing session.

21 Coral Asten can be used for healing self as well as others. This technique is capable dealing with almost every ailments related to physical, mental and emotional conditions of the body.