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Reiki Course

In Reiki we have a different way of understanding the disease. We believe that a disease is the latest manifestation of a mental- emotional even a spiritual. It is a message sent to us our unconscious minds or our soul through our bodies to become aware of any problems. Take a example of any person who goes to the doctor because it is a principle of stomach ulcer. The doctor put on treatment with drugs gets addressed by the ulcer. After a time a same person back to the doctor with the same problem but this time it’s too late to fix the problem. What happened here? In reality this person took a life with much stress and too much pressure and his thoughts and emotion have run low vibration manifest as an ulcer. The subconscious mind or soul had sent a message saying “life style change”. When we do Holistic Healing Therapy such as Reiki, we connect the patient with universal energy. This energy has a high frequency vibration and is able to bring to any problem by replacing the low frequency energy by the energy of love that is Reiki. That is why dealing with the problem with Reiki energy, which acts on the problem, but also addresses the cause of this, we get more effective.

In Reiki we attach great importance to prevention and personal development, as these are closely linked. In Reiki course not only learn the art of healing but also valuable skill that help us to improve ourselves everyday for better and happier life. Reiki is a substitute for conventional medicine but it is an ideal complement to it. In Reiki, we deal with problems from the standpoint of energy, since everything is made up of energy. Considering that the human body is composed of skin, bones, many organs …and they are composed of cells which is turn are made of atoms and in the nuclei of atoms in the end we find is energy, then if we bring this energy therefore harmonize other aspects.

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In Reiki, we attach great importance of the mind and emotion, as the majority of physical problems first appear as patterns of thought or emotion badly processed. In the Reiki treatment, and in the course, we help people to release emotion that can be locked and properly process them in order to heal. treatment also study the thought patterns that attract lower vibration energies to the patient. In convention, Reiki has a very different view of the disease that has conventional medicine. Reiki acts not only on the issue but in the case. Reiki is given great importance to prevention and to have a mind and a healthy emotion.

Reiki For Life (The Life Force Energy for Health & Happiness)

 Treatment, Prevention of Diseases We are regularly exposed to innumerable conditions and factors that contribute towards sickness. Such conditions tend to accumulate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins in our bodies preventing or hindering normal and natural functioning. Even negative thought patterns are responsible for many of the physical diseases. Thus the diseases may belong to one or more of these four levels. In terms of Reiki, sickness also means weakening of natural life force energy in the body, which must be recouped for better health. The key point is that Reiki must be used regularly, on daily basis if possible. Occasional sessions are quite likely to be inadequate.

Which diseases can be healed by Reiki?

There is no different Reiki for different ailments as in physical medication. When applied, Reiki travels throughout the body, through every cell of the body and re-balances the energy. That is why it is said to heal all diseases and maintain good health. Reiki works at all the four levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) as preventive and curative spiritual medicine par excellence. It also clears anxiety and depression and improves mental health. When you start applying Reiki to yourself or others, you experience both preventive and curative functions at the same time, which makes Reiki a unique and wonderful healing system. It is a great tool to treat self or anyone else and equally effective for doctors and non-doctors. Please remember that no healing system has unlimited healing capability. Therefore, one should be realistic in expectations. Time for the cure to take place depends on many factors including but not limited to nature and stage of the disease. And do not forget that Reiki is to be understood as a complimentary system, not an alternative medical system.

How Reiki promotes health?

When Reiki flows through the body, it starts curing the ailments beginning at the physical, emotional and mental levels by acting at the very root of cause. It works equally fine even for those diseases that have no known cause in medical science. Regular application helps the recipient to grow not only at these three levels but also at the spiritual level. It keeps the aura clean, chakras balanced and immune system working correctly. Through certain techniques, one can even keep the aura protected against negative energies. Reiki session also relaxes the mind and body maintaining better physical and mental health.

How Reiki prevents diseases?

Reiki does not work like protective vaccination to be done once in lifetime or after several months or years. It needs to be done as frequently as possible. Since the conditions and factors responsible to cause the diseases continue to exist and invade us, and we are frequently exposed to negative energies of various types in various situations, regular application of Reiki can prevent them from taking physical shape. The best part is that you do not have to be a medical doctor or know the cause of ailment to treat yourself or others with Reiki. You need not have even the basic medical knowledge. All you need to do is to give yourself a Reiki session every night before going to sleep. That keeps your body detoxified with harmonized energy levels thus keeping the body fit enough to protect itself against various diseases.