Inner Studies & Energy Transformation for Meaningful Living

100hr Self Transformational Yoga Course

This is a 10 Day intensive with 100-Level Yoga Certification for those who want to explore Yoga more deeply as a practice for themselves. It also earns you credit towards a future courses. Students will gain in depth yoga training as well to prepare the body, energy, and mind for true yoga and meditation. Available to all, even beginners, irrespective of yoga experience or practice.
Learn to bring peace and calm to yourself and understand the philosophy and practice of Yoga. During this course, you will receive Basic Foundation Level Training in the following techniques are applied in order to accomplish personal transformation for yourself. This training will give you a fantastic set of tools to become an exceptional Yoga Practitioner. Meditation has always been an integral part of Yoga, so our Training will also equip you with additional Yogic tools of Asana and Pranayama as well to help in purification and raise your energy.

Elements that will be covered in this self transformation course
  • Structure of the outer self and structure of the eternal self
  • Relation with the 7 chakras and yogic bodies
  • How to experience the outer self and eternal self
  • Outer self purification: Physical body purification, Prana body purification, Mental body purification, Psychic body purification
  • Discovery and implementation of yogic tools: Meditation methods, traditional Hatha Yoga, Transformational Yoga, Pranayama with 5 dimensions (apana, samana, vyana, maha prana, udyana)
  • * Basic Training for Self Practitioners.
  • * Foundation Studies
  • * Earn Credit towards future courses
  • * Gain a insight into Yoga
  • * Study the Theory and Practice
  • * Philosophy
  • * Certification and further training

Upon completion of this self transformation course you will receive a certificate.

If you would like to carry on to teacher level, the 100 Level from this course can be counted against your 200 level Transformational Yoga teacher training.