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Energy Healing

It is a holistic approach to assist every one of us in their return journey to good health.

The human being is an open system of energy that lives in an energy environment which is constantly shifting and moving. A healthy body thrives in this environment with a clean continuous flow of balanced energy.

When there is a conflict with the environment around us (for example the unhealthy food we eat, common day stress from work or relationships, the quality of the polluted air and water we breathe, etc.) a healthy energy system is able to release this excessive energy immediately because our natural flow of energy always moves towards generating perfect health and well-being.

As an analogy, just as water surrounds the sea creatures and is vital for fish species, the surrounding energy field baths our bodies through and through to keep us alive. A healthy fish swallows up water to get nourishment before releasing it.

Chakra-energyLikewise, the human being does not just swallow air to breath but also –through the various energy centers of the body, called chakras- absorbs the surrounding energy force, or life-force, to revitalize himself or herself before letting go off the extra energy that is not needed.

This is why, regardless of the energy therapy definition that we may use, the chakras are pictured like two joined-up funnels or channels (see the figure of chakras below) to suck the universal energy from one end in order to heal and revitalize the body before releasing the unused part of this energy current from the other end.

However, it suffices to say that when faced with difficulties in our life, we tend to hold this unresolved energy in our bodies, instead of let go off it.

This creates blockages in our energy field which then depletes our vitality and can lead to ill-health and suffering. It explains then why when a person suffers from stress feel like his/her head on the verge of exploding: his/her head is like a balloon being inflated with an energy flow whose exit path has been blocked!

Blockages and imbalances in the energy body often manifest themselves as physical ailments, stress, sleep disorders (such as sleeplessness) and other emotional ailments.

So, bringing these blockages to light and releasing them. This enables healing on all levels including physical health, emotional well-being, relationships and spiritual realization which also re-balances the mind, body and soul, thus allowing the patient to move back to the natural state of health, wholeness, healing, and balance.

Energy Healing

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